April 4, 2016

Understanding Messaging Apps

One of the greatest things about technology is how easily it allows us to communicate with one another.  Running late? Just shoot off a quick text and your child knows you are on your way. Simple. But not all communication is simple. With a plethora of apps with messaging components, emojis, bitmojis and acronyms it is hard to keep up with all of the ways your kids are communicating with others. For this special we wanted to bring to you all of our top resources on messaging, to help you feel confident in your knowledge of the apps and lingo your kids are using when they communicate. 


Last Month's Highlights

An Inside Look at Kik

This series of blogs will walk parents through Kik, giving them insight on the inner workings of the app and hopefully will give them confidence in their ability to advise their children on use of the app.

Next Month's Highlights

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