Aug. 29, 2018

Welcome to Back to School 2018!

It’s that time of the year again! The heat is starting to dwindle, fall is in the air, and excitement is brewing. Yes, it is Back to School time! While kids may be sad about the prospects of homework, worksheets, and waking up early, parents and teachers are eager to get the learning going.

While most of the learning will be happening in school, it doesn’t have to stop at 3 PM. Supplement your child’s education by teaching them important skills right at home. A perfect way to start is to discuss online safety with your child - it might not even be covered at your child’s school. FOSI’s Good Digital Parenting has convened like-minded people to provide tips, tools, and resources for parents and educators to help them feel comfortable navigating the online world, for themselves and their kids.

While the theme around these tips is Back to School, the conversation surrounding online safety should be ongoing. With the help of these resources, the added stress of not knowing what your child is doing online along with the general pains of school and extracurriculars, can be alleviated this fall.

Check back in with this page throughout the month of September as GDP highlights more Back to School tools.

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