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Blog | Dec. 10, 2014

What’s Hot This Holiday Season? Using Tech Gifts Safely and Wisely

Founder, CyberWise and Cyber Civics

Tech gifts are hot, hot, hot this holiday season. Everything from tablets, smart phones, laptops and more are sure to be at the top of many a wish list.

GDP Blog Cyberwise CertificateAccording to Cynthia Lieberman, Co-Founder of, “While lots of people will be getting gifts to digitally connect with friends and family, many don’t know how to make smart choices when it comes to using them safely and wisely." This is why CyberWise created a series of fun, short, and easy-to-follow online courses to help adults keep up and keep kids safe online.

Less than the cost of a couple of lattes, each course makes an ideal and affordable gift for a parent, educator, or even a child who might want to become more 'cyberwise' about their digital connections at work, school, and home. 

A few of the most popular courses are:

Protect Your Online Privacy: This course helps you understand how and why websites and social Cyberwise Privacy Classnetworking sites gather your personal data. It teaches you strategies to protect that data, and provides valuable tips that help protect the privacy of Internet users of all ages.

Online Reputation Management: Your online reputation is your new first impression, and everything you post online—and everything others post about you—contributes to that impression. This course gives you strategies to effectively manage your online reputation.

Online Security Strategies: This course teaches the core concepts of cyber security— like making secure passwords, managing security and privacy settings, backing up data, selecting antivirus, filtering, and monitoring software, and more.

There are also courses on Finding Balance and the Ethical Use of Devices. The introductory course, New Media 101, is always free as are all the resources on All of these courses can be found here.

So make this a Christmas that no one gets left behind when it comes to knowing how to be safe and productive online. And the best part of all? No gift wrapping, shipping costs, or even having to find a parking spot at the mall. Hoot, hoot!

Cover image courtesy of Flickr.