Adrienne Principe

Founder, Turning Life On

Adrienne Principe is the Founder of Turning Life On, an online platform for uniting parents around healthy technology use. With a clear understanding of the latest research regarding technology and child development, Adrienne works with parents, educators and community leaders to bring thoughtful strategies for managing screens into homes and schools. She is the co-founder of Concord Promise and a member of the Screens in Schools Working Group for the Children’s Screen Time Action Network. Adrienne is also a regular contributor on the Podcast “Live Above the Noise” with developmental and educational psychologist Dr. Rob Reiher. 

Recently written by Adrienne


Reclaiming Summer

First, can we all just take a moment to appreciate what we have been through AND what we are still living through? Parenting before was really, really hard. Right now…. Well, I don’t even think I could adequately put it into words.


Managing Technology, Homeschooling and Life

We are living in unprecedented times that will test us in ways we’ve never been tested before. We are grateful for our ability to communicate, and share and access information through technology. 


Smartphones and Mental Health

A few weeks ago, the NYT published an article about mental health and smartphones. It assured parents to stop panicking because smartphones are not responsible for the recent decline in mental health. 


Keeping Kids Safe Online

Before the holiday, news outlets broke stories of widespread sexual predation of children on popular social media and gaming sites.


Keeping Tech in Check in Education

School web portals, Notability, Google classroom, Quizlet, IXL… Education has now moved online. There is concern that screens in education are affecting children’s acquisition and understanding of knowledge, in addition to their physical and mental health. 


Turn Life On by Keeping Tech In Check

In late 2017, I sat with 50 other parents listening intently to an Internet Safety Specialist tell us everything that is wrong and dangerous about kids online.