Adrienne Principe

Founder, Turning Life On

With an educational background in Mass Media, Interpersonal Communication, English and Political Science, Adrienne brings passion and a unique perspective to Turning Life On. She is inspired by the desire for her four children to experience a hands-free, heads-up childhood that will give them the skills to co-exist safely with technology and become responsible, resilient and empathetic adults. With a clear understanding of the latest research regarding technology and child development, Adrienne works with parents, educators and community leaders to bring thoughtful strategies for managing screens into homes and schools. She is the co-founder of Concord Promise and a member of the Screens in Schools Working Group for the Children’s Screen Time Action Network. Adrienne is also a regular contributor on the Podcast “Live Above the Noise” with developmental and educational psychologist Dr. Rob Reiher. If you live in Concord, you’ve likely seen her racing from pickup line to pickup line at multiple schools. Adrienne spent an unreasonable amount of time writing notes in middle school. You can drop her one the old fashioned way or at

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Turn Life On by Keeping Tech In Check

In late 2017, I sat with 50 other parents listening intently to an Internet Safety Specialist tell us everything that is wrong and dangerous about kids online.