Alan Mackenzie

E-Safety Adviser

Alan Mackenzie is the founder of ‘esafety-adviser.’ He is a specialist adviser in the United Kingdom who works with children, young people, parents and schools to empower the safe and fun use of technology.

“Online safety has been a passion of mine for a very long time; I love technology and the huge benefits that can be realised through global connectivity and collaboration.  For me, online safety is about reducing the risk of harm through good education.”

Recently written by Alan


The Benefits of Working Together With Our Kids' School to Promote Online Safety

I’m a strong believer that the things we teach children in school (in regards to online safety) should be replicated at home; after all, if we have different rules and education at home and at school then children may become confused and therefore the educational impact is negligible.


Tips for How Parents Can Help Their Children Search Safely and Effectively Online

Learn how to help your child search more safely and effectively online with these tips from e-safety adviser, Alan Mackenzie.


E-Safety the Enabler, Not the Showstopper

E-Safety adviser, Alan Mackenzie, covers risk management when dealing with technology and children, and best practices for at home and at school.