Alejandra Lagunes

National Digital Strategy Coordinator, Office of the President of Mexico

Alejandra Soto Ruiz has coordinated digital campaigns of several candidates to elective office in Mexico, the last of these campaigns was that of Enrique Peña Nieto towards the Presidency of the Republic . During the transition period was Program Coordinator Strategy and Digital Government. She is currently the Coordinator of the National Digital Strategy Presidency of Mexico.

As head of the newly created National Coordination of Digital Strategy, Alejandra Lagunes was responsible for generating the "National Digital Strategy", which is a program and a set of strategies that enable Mexico incorporating information and communication technologies and digital government. Lagunes was responsible for publicizing the guiding principles of such initiative on September 11 of 2011, as a first step in the development of the program.

The longer final strategy was officially launched by President Enrique Peña Nieto and Alejandra Lagunes on November 25 of 2013 in the National Museum of Anthropology . The plan established five objectives around which the secondary objectives were to be built, these were: Government Transformation, Digital Economy, Quality Education, Universal and Effective Health, Public 6.