Amy VanDeVelde

Connections Technology Program Manager, OASIS Institute

Amy VanDeVelde happily joined the OASIS Institute in 2012 to oversee the OASIS Connections technology training program.  She has a personal stake in accessibility, digital literacy, media literacy, digital citizenship.  Amy is keenly interested in technology that supports and enhances interpersonal relationships.  She has facilitated and promoted corporate training initiatives for the entirety of her career in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, legal and high tech industries.   Amy holds a Bachelor's degree in Communication from Illinois State University which included a semester studying international communication theory in Salzburg, Austria.

Recently written by Amy


Grandparents Use Technology to Connect with Family

Grandparents are more readily adopting devices than they once did—sometimes on their own and sometimes with a ‘hand me up’ device from a child or grandchild. Savvy grandparents are relieving feelings of disconnection in their own families by embracing digital communication strategies.