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Andrew Zack

Policy Coordinator, Family Online Safety Institute

Andrew Zack is the Policy Coordinator for the Family Online Safety Institute, supporting policy and research work relating to online safety issues, laws, and regulations. He works with federal and state legislatures, relevant federal agencies, and industry leaders to develop and advance policies that promote safe and positive online experience for families.
Andrew joins FOSI after five years in Senator Ed Markey's office, where he worked primarily on education, child welfare, and disability policies. Andrew studied Government and Psychology at the College of William and Mary.

Recently written by Andrew

Fake, Real, or Ad? Media Literacy Matters

The stakes for requiring a global commitment to media literacy education could not be higher. The spread of misinformation and disinformation on the Internet is impacting democracy and public safety, and it has become imperative that users develop the skills to assess the reliability of online content.


What Parents Need to Know about Encrypted Apps

When reading the word ‘encryption,’ you might connect it to security more than safety. But increasingly this technology is being utilized by apps and services that families frequently use.