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Augusta Nissly

Program Coordinator, FOSI

Augusta is the Program Coordinator for FOSI's Good Digital Parenting. In this role, Augusta uses her creative vision to help build awareness and grow the audience of GDP. She manages all of the social media accounts and assists in content creation and management.

Augusta graduated from Millersville University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Science in Communications: Public Relations and also minored in English: Print Journalism. Previously, Augusta managed social media accounts and online content for a D.C./Baltimore based law firm.

Recently written by Augusta


Teaching Self Esteem in a Selfie World

Selfies are not the answer to the growing self-esteem problem we have. And not allowing your child to use apps such as Instagram and Snapchat isn’t the answer either. Instead use these tips to open up a conversation with your child about the images they share online and the images they see others posting. 


Being a Good Digital BFF is More Than Faithfully Hitting Like

Technology has changed everything, including what it means to be a “good friend”. Learn tips for talking with your child about how they can be a good friend while using social media apps and posting online. 

What About Kik?

A look at the newest messaging app that has been making headlines.

Creating a Kik Account

The second blog in our Kik mini series.


Internet Safety: Identifying your part

Determine the role you play in creating a safer Internet. Follow these steps to create a healthy online experience. 


Questions to Ask Before Buying a Connected Toy

What do parents need to know and understand about these connected toys, smartphones, watches, tablets, etc before purchasing them? Use this list of questions as a guide when shopping for connected toys to ensure you feel confident in your purchases. 


Screen Time: It Isn't About Minutes

The screen is just another type of environment that children are active in. We can no longer classify all time spent in front of a screen as passive. So instead of obsessing over how many minutes and seconds our children are spending in front of a screen, we need to focus on the experience.


Being Connected at 13 Isn’t All Bad

When it comes to your connected teen don't get caught up in looking at the glass half empty. Instead realize that being connected provides a lot of great opportunities for your child. 


Teach your Child to Identify Reliable Websites and Sources

Being able to identify reliable sources online is a necessary skill. It contributes not only to  success in academia but also keeps us from looking foolish. Learn how you can help your child develop the necessary skills to seperate the quality information online from the questionable websites. 


Digital Backpack for Kids

Send your child on a path to success by incorporating technology for learning and fun. 


How to Incorporate Tech into Summer Fun

Ideas for including technology into summer activities that can help your child improve their digital skills and learn how to apply them. 


Digital Backpack for Toddlers

Screen time and tech advice for parents of toddlers that encourages learning and fun. 


Protect Yourself Online: 5 Tips to Avoid Having Your Password Hacked

When it comes to online safety a lot hinges on the strength of your password. Learn how to create and protect your passwords.