Bence Ságvári

Research Fellow , Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre for Social Research

Bence Ságvári is a research fellow at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre for Social Research and at International Business School (IBS) Budapest, Hungary. Currently he is a visiting professor at the Indiana University Bloomington where he teaches sociology. He is the national coordinator for EU Kids Online and European Social Survey (ESS) in Hungary.  

EU Kids Online is a European research project on cultural, contextual and risk issues in children’s safe use of the Internet and new media. The project has generated a substantial body of new data derived from various research methodologies. 

Bence has more than 10 years of research experience in both quantitative and qualitative research. His primary interests are technology, children and young people, how digital technologies shape people’s behavior and attitudes. 

Bence has a PhD in Sociology from ELTE University, Budapest, Hungary.