Chris Andrews

Educator & Public Speaker, Let's Talk

Chris Andrews speaks at high schools and businesses across the country to inspire individuals to reconsider their relationship with technology. The “Let’s Talk Speaker Program” is currently taking bookings for Spring 2019. He is currently writing a book.
He composed an album of music during his walk called Angelfish and released it under the name C. Burrows. 

Recently written by Chris


The Joy Beyond Distraction

In 2016 I walked across the United States. I was 22. I had just graduated college. For my peers and I, the world was opening up. I should’ve been happy. But I felt a growing dissatisfaction within me. I was connected to the digital world but had no real connection to myself. The world on my phone provided my life with little to no meaning. I looked up and everyone around me seemed to be caught in the same trap. We were all numb. I was determined to find more, to find answers.