Daniel Kent

Founder & CEO, Net Literacy

Daniel Kent is the founder and CEO of Net Literacy, an all-volunteer, student-run nonprofit that bridges the digital divide through  its digital literacy and digital inclusion programs. Net Literacy has increased computer access to over 250,000 individuals, was highlighted in the National Broadband Plan presented to Congress and has been honored by two American Presidents. Kent has authored whitepapers on Digital Inclusion, Digital Literacy, Broadband Adoption, and works in Silicon Valley building products that use machine learning and artificial intelligence. His MBA is from the Yale School of Management and his Masters in Information and Data Science is from UC Berkeley.

Recently written by Daniel


Ethical AI. What does it mean? Why is it important? Why is it so difficult to do?

Young people increasingly live in a world transformed by artificial intelligence and those who understand and leverage it will live richer and more fulfilling lives. 


AI is transforming our planet – here’s what children need to know

Children increasingly live in a world transformed by artificial intelligence, or AI, and those who understand it will live richer and more fulfilling lives.  This article begins by defining AI, discusses AI myths, has three hands-on AI activities, describes how AI is being used today, and concludes with additional resources for parents. 


Don't Let Deepfakes Fake You Out

A deepfake is a type of artificial intelligence technology that uses deep learning to alter images or videos by putting someone else’s face onto the face in the original content.


When Is Seeing No Longer Believing?

There’s something very powerful about visual imagery. People have long relied on what they see and it’s a reason why there’s an old cliché that says “the camera doesn’t lie” and “a picture is worth a thousand words.” 


Teens Engage Teens about the Bullying Issue

When it comes to talking about bullying, teens are often the most engaged. Check out Net Literacy's anti-bullying program, and how it's bringing teens together to address the issue of online and offline bullying.


Teens Engage Teens about Internet Safety

Click here to read about Net Literacy, a youth-founded and youth-led digital inclusion and literacy nonprofit dedicated to promoting Internet Safety for all.