David Krane

The Harris Poll

Senior Consultant - Research for Public Release

David has a long history of working in the survey research industry. He has worked at The Harris Poll for over thirty years and has handled a wide variety of projects for
non-profit organizations, corporations, associations, academic institutions, government agencies, and the media. The hallmark of many of these projects are
that the findings have been used in a thought-leadership capacity designed to help generate media coverage as well as enhancing the image, reputation and credibility
of our clients.

He has also been actively involved in projects for clients including FOSI, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Dave Thomas Foundation on Adoption, American
Staffing Assn, AICPA, AARP, Age Wave, Boys and Girls Clubs, Big Brother Big Sisters, Business Week, Committee of 100, Embassy of Japan, Families and Work
Institute, HSBC, Kauffman Foundation, National Association of Investors Corporation (Better Investing), National Consumers League, National Organization on Disability,
National Park Foundation, National Partnership for Women and Families, Nationwide, Northwestern Mutual, Privacy and American Business, Spherion,
Transamerica Institute, and U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

He also led a number of high profile projects for leading academic researchers including the Northwestern University, University of Texas, University of Michigan,
University of California, Columbia University, Portland State University and Wharton. Recent surveys have explored a wide variety of issues including aging and longevity,
disability, privacy, financial planning, retirement, the use of technology, legal reform, and employment issues.