David Polgar

Trust & Safety for Friendbase, Digital Citizenship Summit co-founder

David Ryan Polgar is a two-time TEDx and a respected tech commentator whose ideas concerning cyber ethics, digital citizenship, and humanizing the online experience have been featured in The Boston Globe, Financial Times, Sydney Morning Herald, SirusXM, CNN.com, HuffPost Live, NewYorkTimes.com and more.  With a background as an attorney and college professor, he digs below the surface to examine our tech use from an ethical, legal, and emotional perspective.

Often referred to as a Tech Ethicist, Polgar has become a unique voice in the ways to humanize the web and improve online culture. Standing at the intersection of tech, business, and ethics, he specializes in utilizing technology with the purpose of maximizing the human experience. Polgar has recently partnered with the digital ad agency 5Loom/IMRE on a "Humanizing Your Brand" project that has been given to Fortune 500 execs, along with giving a presentation on being creative in an age of info overload to Smith College’s Executive Education program. He recently launched HumanizingTheFuture.com, which is interviewing a diverse range of voices about our evolving relationship with tech.

Recently written by David


Increasing Civility Online

Together we can improve civility online while educating, empowering and engaging digital citizens. Using the 3 E’s of digital citizenship (Educate, Empower, Engage), we can look at ways to increase civility online


3 Knows for Pokémon Go

Millions of people across the United States, and now globe, have become part of the Pokémon Go phenomenon. So what do you, as a parent, need to know when deciding if and how to use Pokémon Go?


Your Online Jiminy Cricket

Messaging is a relatively new medium that is faceless and fliction-less, which therefore puts more emphasis on the person sending the message to consider their words before hitting send. Instead of mindless with communication, the sender needs to be more deliberate and self-aware. They need to carve out the time to have a conversation with their online Jiminy Cricket. 


There’s No App for Ethics

While there seems to be an app for nearly everything in life, there isn’t one to help our children and teens act ethically online.  Learn how we can empower them to create a positive online experience.


Jurassic Park and Cyber Ethics

Like the scientists in the book and movie Jurassic Park, there is often a major gulf between what we can do and what we should do. What someone can do online has become almost limitless, but its sheer ability doesn’t thereby make it right to do. 


The Importance of Balancing Our Tech Life

David Ryan Polgar discusses the importance of balancing our tech life and introduces the concept of a 'mental food plate', a holistic approach to information consumption. 


Distance No More

What I love most about modern technology is its ability to completely obliterate distances.