Debra Berlyn

Project to Get Older Adults onLine (Project GOAL)

Executive Director

Debra Berlyn is the Executive Director of the Project to Get Older Adults onLine (Project GOAL). Project GOAL works to promote the adoption of broadband for older adults, and to advance technology applications for this community. Ms. Berlyn is also the President of Consumer Policy Solutions, a firm focused on developing progressive policies for consumers in a competitive and innovative marketplace.

Ms. Berlyn previously served as Senior Legislative Representative in the Federal Affairs Department of AARP, responsible for communications and energy matters.

Ms. Berlyn has served as the Chair and Vice-Chair of theFederal Communications Commission’s Consumer Advisory Committee.  She is on the Board of Directors of the National Consumers League and is a Board member and Senior Fellow with the Future of Privacy Forum.

Ms. Berlyn is a seasoned veteran of telecommunications and consumer policy issues and an advocate for consumers of technology services. As a national voice on the issues of aging and technology, broadband adoption, privacy, and telecom policy, she has been a guest on radio and television programs and has been published in media sources across the country.  She has worked closely with national aging and consumer organizations on several internet issues, including online safety and privacy concerns.