Diana Graber

Founder, CyberWise and Cyber Civics

Diana Graber, author of “Raising Humans in a Digital World: Helping Kids Build a Healthy Relationship with Technology (www.raisinghumansinadigitalworld.com),” is the founder of Cyberwise (www.cyberwise.org) and Cyber Civics (www.cybercivics.com), two sites dedicated to improving the digital literacy skills of adults and children.

Recently written by Diana


Why I’m Optimistic About Raising Humans in a Digital World

Parents everywhere are assaulted by conflicting research and advice about kids and screens.

The Screen Time Debate: Why “How Much?” is the Wrong Question

“What concerns you most when you think about technology and your child?” That’s the icebreaker question I typically ask when meeting with parents. 


3 Ways to Become an Upstander

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and as if on cue the Pew Research Center released its latest research on the topic. According to their comprehensive report, more than half of U.S. teens (59%) have experienced "some form of cyberbullying."


How To Be A Good Digital Citizen in the Great Outdoors

With summer upon us, our kids will (hopefully) be heading outdoors. But chances are they won’t be going anywhere without that little companion in their pockets: their mobile phones.


What Parents Don't Get About Snapchat

Chances are as you read this your child is sending a Snapchat, but do parents fully understand how the app is being used? Hint: It isn't all bad. 

It Takes a Village to Raise a Digital Parent

Parents like me who had kids before Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, and even Facebook were a thing, have been caught with our pants down, so to speak. We are digital parenting pioneers: navigating new apps, deciphering text speak, misusing emojis, and certainly embarrassing our kids as we muddle through a world that switched from analog to digital in the blink of an eye.


It’s Time to Teach Digital Life Skills In School

Diana Graber discusses the need to teach cyber civics as an important digital - and life - skill for our children's future success. 


Teaching Internet Safety Doesn't Have to be Scary

Online safety education moves from fear based messaging to a more reasoned discussion on the benefits of technology and offers ways to manage risks. 


Ethical Thinking in the Digital Era

Nearly every digital activity—posting, blogging, downloading, uploading, remixing— calls upon ethical thinking.


No Tech or Slow Tech?

Allowing tech slowly into your child's life is more reasonable, and manageable, than no tech at all. Learn how to implement 'slow tech' at home. 


What’s Hot This Holiday Season? Using Tech Gifts Safely and Wisely

This holiday season, Cyberwise is offering resources to help parents make smarter choices before and after purchasing new tech devices for their kids.


Going Public With Privacy

What does privacy mean in the 21st century? Understanding privacy and how it relates to the information we engage with online is a vital element of being fully “digitally literate”.


iPads Coming to Your School? Be Prepared.

The educational landscape in Los Angeles experienced a shake-up last fall, when the LAUSD, the nation’s second largest school district, initiated its $1-billion plan to equip all of its students with iPads. Immediately after the devices were issued, the program madeheadlines when hundreds of students bypassed security measures and started accessing, from home, sites like Pandora and Facebook.


No Grownup Left Behind

CyberWise is helping to make sure that when it comes to technology, no grownup is ever left behind.