Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov

Law Professor & Digital Parenting Consultant, Council of Europe, e-Enfance

Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov is a mom to two tech-savvy little boys, a lawyer, law professor and eSafety consultant. 

She is a member of the Working Group of experts on Digital Citizenship Education and an independent expert on Digital Parenting and Children and Internet for the Children’s Rights Division of Council of Europe

She is an advisor on European Cooperation and International Projects for e-Enfance, a French online child protection association providing support to parents and children in the digital age. 

Her core work involves researching solutions for parenting in the digital age and she has authored several guides and workbooks for parents, moderates a Facebook community for parents and is the founder of DigitalParentingCoach.com. a website and community with resources for parents.

Recently written by Dr. Elizabeth


Sadfishing: Identification, Prevention and Response

Sadfishing is a relatively new term coined by Rebecca Reid in January of 2019.  Rebecca created the word after reading a social media post by a famous influencer who posted about her problems (acne) online followed by glamourous photos of her solutions (paid brand sponsorship of skincare products). 


Online Challenges: Prevention and Responses

Online stunts and challenges can vary from the very silly to the very dangerous, and yet they provide participants and viewers a shared bonding experience.  Participants can tag their friends when they complete a challenge or share via word of mouth at school or on campus. 


DigiLitEY's Smart Parenting

As an American, based in Europe, I am fortunate enough to see some of the best resources on two continents and I spend a good percentage of my time curating the best content for digital parents no matter where they are located.


The 5 C's of Digital Parenting

The first quarter of 2019 has begun with a variety of digital parenting concerns that would seem to be the perfect recipe for confusion and despair for parents and caregivers.  


Black History Month: Notable Achievements in STEM

The month of February is coming to a close and I wanted to end Black History month with one final celebration of the successes of Black Americans in the United States.


College-bound Students: Create a Positive Digital Footprint

It is never too late to clean-up your digital footprint or to create a positive digital identity and reputation and the following steps can get you started:


3 Steps for Back-To-School Digital Success

Expert advice on how to guide your child to use technology wisely for learning and beyond. 


Transition to Summer

Great advice on how to keep tech in check during long summer days. 


5 Reasons to Put Coding on Your To-Do List

Have you ever considered learning how to code? Check out these 5 reasons why computer programming and website development are valuable tools for everyone to know.


Healthy Screen Time Limits for the Whole Family

How can a responsible digital parent ensure that her children are getting the most of out screen usage while reducing the side effects of too much screen time? Dr. Milovidov breaks down the expert advice and offers some take-aways. 


Educational Games for Students Grades PreK-8th

Despite what some may think, there is a place for games when it comes to education. See the breakdown of age-appropriate online games for students.


Encouragement for the Digital Parent

You don't have to be an Internet safety professional to be a good digital parent; you just have to apply your same offline parenting skills to a new online world.


Ways to Manage (and Improve) Your Child's Screen Time

Ever handed your child your iPhone or iPad in exchange for a moment's rest? Take a look at some of these ways you can better manage your child's screen time.


6 Best Practices for Better Digital Parenting

What can you as a parent do to protect your children online, especially when it seems as though they're more tech savvy than you are? Learn how to raise good digital citizens.