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Emily Mulder

Program Director, Family Online Safety Institute

Emily manages communications and special programs for FOSI, as well as assistance in development strategy. Having spent ten years in online safety, she is passionate about the fast-moving fields of technology and child protection. Following years in both FOSI's US and UK offices, her most recent positions have involved research, communications, and program management with an international focus. Emily has consulted independently with various nonprofits and small businesses on press, social media strategy, fundraising and other projects.

In her academic career, Emily completed internships and work studies with various public relations firms in both America and the UK. She graduated from Kingston University London with a First Class degree in Media & Cultural Studies. 

Recently written by Emily


Getting Tech Ready: A Back-to-School Primer for Distance Learning

In 2020, the school supplies list has changed a lot. Parents are more likely to find themselves downloading educational apps for their child’s new tablet, rather than shopping for backpacks and No. 2 pencils.


Video Chat and Coronavirus: Keeping Kids Safe While Staying Connected

Before March, you may have thought we were already living in a digital world. But no one can argue that over the past three months of statewide stay-at-home orders, we’ve all faced a steep learning curve.