Heather Thacore

Bedford Promise

With her background in Interior Design and Project Management, Heather brings her passion for responding to the human condition and her ability to manage many disparate influences into her drive for growing the Bedford Promise. She is moved to action by the dream for her children and future generations to experience a life distinct and independent of their device. It may sound so simple, but if you've participated in the Device Away for a Day, it can be challenging. Unfortunately there are no magic bullets to managing the phone or the changing culture, but pulling back to only communication elements at an early age will give kids the critical time their brains need to mature and catch up before they get involved in disastrous situations, that may be saved in the digital world forever. She believes that having strong boundaries both at home and at school with space to deal with their boredom and develop stronger face to face connections are imperative for allowing kids the opportunity to be resilient, responsible, compassionate young adults.