Hilary Bird

Digital Journalist

Hilary Bird is a digital journalist who writes about the things that fascinate her the most: relationships, technology, and how they impact each other. As more and more people become more and more reliant on their tech devices, Hilary wants to help them stay safe and understand how these devices will reshape the way we communicate. See more of her work at https://hilarybird.contently.com/.

Recently written by Hilary


5 Apps Designed to Get Your Kids Outside

Kids these days are really tied to their tech—Pew Research Center data indicates that around 45% of teens say they’re “almost constantly” online, and even young kids are spending more time in front of screens. That continuous connection to tech and the internet can make it tough to get kids outside and engaged with the real world.Luckily, though, it doesn’t have to be one or the other, —you can actually work with your kids’ tech devices instead of against them. Certain apps encourage kids to interact with the world around them, getting them up off the couch and into the outdoors. 


You're Busy and Your Kids are Online: 3 Ways to Keep Them Safe

It's safe to say that the internet is as exciting and scary for kids as it is for parents realizing their kids are now...online.