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Jackie Coates

Head, Telstra Foundation

A seasoned corporate social responsibility leader, Jackie is passionate about “tech for good”, which she describes as the intersection of social innovation and digital technology. Analogue at birth, digital by design, Jackie advocates for the transformative power of tech to help solve social problems, particularly challenges impacting young people.  She champions digital innovation in the non-profit sector and digital citizenship, encouraging young people “to get under the bonnet of tech”, to create with it, not just consume it. As head of the Telstra Foundation and Board Director of the Telstra Foundation Philippines, the philanthropic arms of Telstra, Jackie manages an extensive community investment portfolio that supports young people to thrive.  This work also includes evidence-based cyber-safety programs delivered across Australian school and public library communities. Feminist, mother, tech optimist, and grant-maker, Jackie juggles many balls and tries hard not to drop the glass ones.