Jessica Phillips

Student, American University

Jessica Phillips is a junior at American University, double-majoring in Public Relations and Psychology. She is particularly interested in mental health advocacy and child psychology. In addition to writing, she loves reading and taking in all that Washington D.C. has to offer.

Recently written by Jessica


How A Millennial Uses Snapmaps

If you’re a frequent user of Snapchat, you’ve probably noticed their most recent feature: Snapmaps.


What the Slime Trend Teaches Us About Kids and Marketing

The biggest trend earlier this spring wasn’t a new toy or even an app: it was slime ... What’s so unique about the slime trend isn’t its popularity: it’s that kids are using social media to market and sell their slime.


What is VSCO?

You’ve heard of the basic social media platforms that teens are using: Snapchat, Instagram, and maybe Twitter. You may even use a few of these platforms yourself. One you may not have heard about? VSCO.


The Effects of Using Technology at Night

Technology at bedtime can wreak havoc on our bodies, sleep schedules and overall well-being. It is especially important to consider these potential issues when considering what technology rules to establish as a family, as children and even adolescents need significantly more sleep than adults do. Here are some of the ways that technology interrupts sleep and evening routines.


Online Dating: 2017 Edition

2017 has been a year of change, including what dating apps are in and out. 


“Finstagrams”: The Fake Accounts Showing Their Real Sides

With the pressure to keep up appearances, some Instagram users have started creating secondary accounts that they call their “Finstagrams”, or Fake Instagrams. But these accounts are anything but fake. Here, teenagers will post unflattering pictures of themselves, photos of a messy bedroom or bad grade they’ve received, and everything in between.


Decoding Popular Emoji's

 Emojis are fun and put on a new twist on communicating, but it can sometimes be unclear what these emojis really mean. Here is an overview of some of the more common emojis and how they can be interpreted.


Keeping Your Profile Pristine But Public During College Application Season

When it comes to prepare for college and the application process, there’s a new step for college-bound students to consider: social media presence. Advice on using your social media presence for good when applying for colleges.