Julius Licata

Director, TeenCentralnet and ParentCentralnet for KidsPeace

Julius Licata is the Director of TeenCentral.Net and ParentCentral.Net for KidsPeace. He has worked with children for more than 30 years. Before taking over TeenCentral.Net. and ParentCentral.Net, he worked as a Mental Health Professional for KidsPeace. Besides his position at KidsPeace, Julius is Patriarch of the Old Catholic Apostolic Church of the Americas, located in Bethlehem, Pa., and Archbishop and Pastor of the Cathedral Parish of St. Jude, also in Bethlehem.

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A Platform for Anti-Bullying

Director of TeenCentral.net, Julius Licata, talks about an exciting place where youth can talk about the pressures facing them today. And guess what? It's all online! Click here to read more!