Martin Cocker

Executive Director, NetSafe

Martin Cocker joined NetSafe as the Executive Director in March 2006. Before that he worked in the ICT industry for 12 years. He doesn’t pretend that it makes him an ICT expert - they were sales and marketing roles. Sure, in a room full of non-ICT industry people he’s a nerd - but in a room full of ICT people, he's certainly not anointed with that title. NetSafe can play an important role aiding this country's transition to an information society by strengthening their ability to manage ICT based risks. For this they need digital age skills - and that includes digital safety skills. NetSafe’s role is certainly not to attempt to reduce ICT use or to judge the way people chose to use technology. In practical terms this means packaging up digital safety skills into consumable products - like the websites and video resources. It means identifying strategies that work to keep people safer and then implementing them - or lobbying for their implementation. It also means identifying strategies that don't work and discouraging them.

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