Max Schellenberg

Mentor, Cyber-Seniors

Just after finishing high school, Max spotted an ad for Cyber-Seniors and was intrigued. Having a keen interest and skill for technology Max, decided to get involved and became one of the lead Mentors in the program.

 While in high school, Max developed a concept for a reversible shoe called ‘MaxReverse’.  He was invited to pitch his idea on ‘Dragon’s Den’ (the Canadian version of Shark’s Tank’), where he was given the green light to proceed to the next step. Since then, Max has created several prototypes of his shoe and is currently working with an entrepreneur in Barceloma, Spain to get the ‘MaxReverse’ into production.

He works as an assistant painter and co-administrator for a company he and his Dad created called ‘Decorating with a Difference’ .  His job responsibilities include building the company’s website and developing and executing a marketing and advertisement plan.   

In his spare time Max is also working on a new app that will help organize and run our digital lives called ‘Innerspace’.