Neil Melhuish

Director of Policy, NetSafe, Aotearoa - New Zealand

Neil is the Director of Policy at NetSafe, Aotearoa - New Zealand. Before joining NetSafe he worked in the education sector where his interest in the potential of digital technology for learning was ignited. Around the same time, Neil’s experiences on the periphery of a serious ‘cybersafety’ incident sparked a parallel interest in the challenges accompanying the use of technology that has continued through to his current role.

Working at the interface between NetSafe and its government partners’, Neil provides expert advice on the role and impact of digital technology in the lives of children, young people, family and whānau.

 Neil played a key role in preparing NetSafe for its appointment earlier this year to a statutory role under New Zealand’s Harmful Digital Communications Act. In this role NetSafe will use advice, negotiation, mediation, and persuasion to resolve complaints about harm caused to individuals by digital communications.