Pat Walshe

Director of Privacy - Public Policy, GSMA

Pat currently works in the Public Policy Department of the GSM Association and is the global lead for the GSMA’s privacy related policy issues. 

Pat has over sixteen years experience in data protection, privacy, interception and disclosure law and regulatory policy in the fixed, mobile and Internet sectors.  Pat has developed and led mobile industry initiatives that seek to ensure privacy is designed into products, services and business processes and that have produced globally applicable privacy principles, mobile application privacy design guidelines and an accountability framework. Pat continues to work on range of global initiatives that are user centred and that embed privacy from a cultural, technical and business process perspective.

Pat has a degree in Social Anthropology and Development and holds privacy and information security audit qualifications. He has served on the International Standard Organisation's Privacy Steering Committee and is a member of the British Computer Society.  He is also a member of the Global Pulse Privacy Advisory Group on big data, a member of an external ethics panel for a leading mobile operator on the use of big data for development, and also sits on the international advisory board for the Adaptive Security and Privacy project.