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Rachel Friedman

Intern, Family Online Safety Institute

Rachel Friedman is a current student at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. She is studying mathematics and history with a concentration in American history. At school, she contributes to the Vanderbilt student-run newspaper, The Hustler, and is an editor of the Vanderbilt Historical Review. In her free time, Rachel has enjoyed working at her synagogue, becoming involved in her sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, and volunteering at an animal shelter and other organizations. Rachel is originally from Bethesda, Maryland.

Recently written by Rachel


Keeping Tech Safe At School

As the school year approaches, much preparation is required: compiling school supplies, digging out kids' backpacks, and preparing schedules.


Photo-Editing Apps and Their Potential Harms for Teens

For decades, we have recognized the phenomenon of advertisements promoting unrealistic beauty and body standards.


What Parents Should Know About Popular Location-Sharing Apps

While there are many apps that have location-sharing features, three apps, Find My Friends, Snapchat, and Mappen, stand out as frontrunners in this field.


Tips For Safe Location Sharing on Apps

Mobile apps can do everything from acting as a live-translator in a foreign country to allowing users to grocery shop from their phones.


Screen Time vs Screen Use: What to Consider When Setting Hard Limits on Tech Use

There are many different routes parents can take when instituting limits on children’s technology use. Many of these choices revolve around the idea of time; parents often consider imposing restrictions on their kids’ total screen time. However, when parents set limits on device use, it is helpful to pay attention not only to how much time their children spend on their devices, but what they are using their screen time towards--otherwise known as the notion of screen use.

Five Things Parents Should Know from the Kahoot! Survey: "Data-Driven Teaching: A Must-Have in the Age of Tech"

This May, the makers of the online learning platform Kahoot! released a report about the spread of data-driven teaching and other changes involving technology in the classroom.