Rosie Thomas

Co-Founder, Project Rockit

Rosie is a highly energetic and passionate facilitator, whose extensive experiences in working with diverse youth communities have bolstered her strong sense of compassion and understanding towards fellow young people. For the past 6 years, she has dedicated her professional life to helping the lives of young people. With her ‘infectious’ sense of humor and innate ability to empathize, Rosie can connect with just about anyone (for real). Rosie is a self-confessed social justice junkie and empowerpreneur. Frequently described as a pocket rocket with a ferocious passion for life, Rosie gets a kick out of providing innovative opportunities for young people to realise their potential. But it’s not just youth work that excites Rosie, she’s also a talented singer and drama buff, jumping at any opportunity to perform! Rosie has made numerous appearances in the popular media domain, including being featured on Channel 7 news, Sunrise and interviewed by the panel on Channel 10’s “The Project.” She has been awarded the title of ‘Role Model of the Month’ by Girlfriend Magazine, in recognition of her commitment to empowering young women. In 2010, she was awarded first place in the Victorian Business Icon Awards, an intensive social entrepreneurship competition adjudicated by leading Australian business innovators. She’s also rocked out in a range of various educational, wellbeing and corporate settings pioneering the PROJECT ROCKIT approach and wowing delegates with her genuine understanding of youth culture. Rosie has completed her Bachelor of Arts and in 2012 received a scholarship to spark more social change at The School for Social Entrepreneurs. Last year she was named Melbourne’s ‘Social Entrepreneur of the Year’. PROJECT ROCKIT was launched in 2006 by Rosie and Lucy Thomas, two Melbournian sisters who saw the opportunity to build diversity, citizenship and resilience by tackling the issue of bullying in school communities. To put it simply, PROJECT ROCKIT envisages a world where respect thrives over bullying, hate and prejudice, and ALL young people are free to realise their potential. We’re an antibullying organisation that empowers young people to stand up and lead change in school and beyond. In evaluation, 96% of students found PROJECT ROCKIT personally helpful and 94% observed a difference in the culture of their year level following the program. PROJECT ROCKIT has now worked with over 40,000 school students and presented at major national and international conferences. They have served as lead consultants to Microsoft Australia, developing company-endorsed strategies for dealing with cyberbullying on Microsoft-produced platforms. Recently in partnership with En Masse, the team launched the P-ROCK Online anti-bullying curriculum, available Australia-wide. Designed by young people for young people, P-ROCK Online has been described as an Aussie-first and is empowering young change-makers all over the country. Late last year, PROJECT ROCKIT partnered with Facebook and headspace to launch the Be Bold. Stop Bullying National antibullying campaign with the support of the Prime Minister, Minister of Mental Health and Minister of Education. PROJECT ROCKIT are currently seeking a major corporate partner to roll out the P-ROCK Online curriculum to schools all over the country. “Together we can revolutionise the way that education is delivered to all corners of the country while positively changing the lives of hundreds of thousands of Australian young people”.