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Sarah Rawlins

Office Administrator, Family Online Safety Institute

Sarah supports FOSI's day-to-day operations and contributes to its research and events. She is a recent graduate of Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana where she received her bachelors degree in Economics. Sarah previously worked as a research assistant on agricultural policy and as an intern at the Center for Economic and Policy Research. She is mildly geeky and gets excited about topics like privacy and digital citizenship.

Recently written by Sarah


What Parents Should Know About Venmo

“I’ll just Venmo you.” What is Venmo?Venmo is an app that allows users to send money electronically to other people. The service is owned and operated by PayPal.

Virtual Valentines

Your teen might be past the age where they bring a card to school for every classmate, but they probably still want to send a virtual valentine or two. In 2015 Pew Research found that 8% of teens have met a romantic partner online. That remains a pretty small number, but online dating use among young adults has tripled in the last five years, so the odds are good that more teens will be trying to connect through the internet this year as well.