Sten Kirkbak

Founder, Chief Creative Officer, FiLIP

Mr. Kirkbak founded Filip Technologies in 2010 after his young son, Filip, briefly went missing in a shopping mall. Prior to founding Filip, Kirkbak founded Black Moose, a Scandinavian-based branding agency. Kirkbak has nearly two decades of experience in marketing, design and trend analytics. He has also held a management position with Telenor Telehuset, where he played a key role in launching the company’s first Internet division. Additionally, Kirkbak was a part of Norwegian startup EUnet, one of Europe’s leading providers of Internet services, which was sold to KPNQwest. For several years, Kirkbak has led many lectures and presentations on trends and consumer behavior. Kirkbak earned a degree in market economics from Næringsakademiet in Norway.