Teia Blackshear Collier

Publisher and Lead Storyteller, Dallas Single Mom

Teia Blackshear Collier is the Publisher and Lead Storyteller at Dallas Single Mom. She shares about her adventures and offers ways for Dallas’ single moms to lead their best lives now through education, encouragement, inspiration and active civic engagement despite life transitions.  With a background in education, civic service, corporate wellness, private lifestyle management, and fundraising, Teia connects parents to the products, services, and resources to enable them to live their best lives now as parents, community members and individuals capable of great good.  

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Tips to Establish Healthy Technology Guidelines for Your Family as a Single Parent or Coparenting

As the numbers of families that are single and co-parenting grow, so does our dependence on technology and the devices that utilize it -- even to the point that some divorce decrees are written with guidelines that dictate technology access, usage and availability.