Toni Reid


Vice President for Alexa Experience

Toni Reid oversees the Alexa Experience organization. She focuses on driving feature awareness and engagement, building Alexa’s personality, and maintaining customer trust, among other areas. Toni joined the Alexa team in 2014.

Toni joined Amazon in 1998 as a recruiter, and has worked on several different Amazon teams, including Amazon Fresh, IMDb, and Amazon Media Group. Over the course of her career, she has helped launch several of Amazon’s high-profile initiatives, such as Dash, X-ray on Amazon Video, and most recently Echo devices and Alexa. Named to Fortune’s list of Most Powerful Women, Fast Company’s list of Most Creative People, and the Recode 100, Toni is passionate about innovating on behalf of customers.

Toni earned her bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the University of North Texas.