Trisha Prabhu

Founder & CEO, ReThink

Trisha Prabhu is an 18-year-old innovator and Founder & CEO of ReThink, a social enterprise that's working to end online hate and make the Internet a safer place. Spurred to action by the cyberbullying-related suicide of a 12-year-old girl, Trisha invented a proactive solution, ReThink: an award-winning, patented technology solution that detects and stops online hate before it occurs. Trisha’s work has been recognized by The White House, Google, MIT, and WebMD, and featured on ABC's Shark Tank, and TED/TEDx stages. At President Obama’s invitation, Trisha was selected as one of few entrepreneurs in the world to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit at Stanford University. ReThink works closely with the U.S. State Department's ShareAmerica program, and as a result, ReThink is now available in 3 languages and has reached over 5.5 million students and 1400 schools. 

In 2017, Trisha was elected the first female Youth Governor of Illinois in 28 years. She is currently pursuing an undergraduate degree at Harvard University, where she wishes to continue her passion for innovation at the intersection of technology and society to make the world a better place.

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ReThinking Cyberbullying

In the picture, her eyes were warm and inviting, but the smile that adorned her face was mysteriously sad. Looking at her on my computer screen, I felt my heart drop and my mind go blank.