Zoe McLeod

Zoe McLeod is a sophomore at Duke University in Durham, NC. She has an interest in health care policy and is majoring in public policy with a minor in neuroscience. Currently, she is an intern at FOSI and loves to explore D.C. 

Recently written by Zoe


The Art of Shutting Down

As kids continue to enjoy their last month of summer, their use of social media, video games, and Internet activity may reach its peak. 


Tips to Preserve Your Digital Reputation This Summer

High school can be an overwhelming experience for your teens. Between school and extracurriculars, it is easy for younger generations to forget about the state of their digital footprint, especially now as summer vacations are beginning. As many of your teens enjoy their time off from school, it is important to remind them to maintain a positive online reputations, especially around the time that the college application process begins.