An Inside Look at Kik

A few weeks ago I spoke to a class of 7th graders about Internet safety and when it came time for questions a boy raised his hand and asked “What about Kik?” Talk about the million dollar question in Internet Safety thus far in 2016.

Kik is a messaging app that allows users to send texts, pictures, videos, gifs and more under a screen name they have created. It also provides an in app browser for easy web surfing and sharing.  I would be lying if I said the app didn’t have me puzzled.

After reading the Kik parent guide cover-to-cover, twice, I was still on the fence. The parent guide gave me good vibes, but all of the recent press related to the app left me questioning if the app really was safe for tweens and teens to be using or was I missing something?

I wanted to be able to confidently provide parents with answers about the app and tips on how they can talk to their kids about using the app safely. To achieve this I decided to download the app for myself. This series of blogs will walk parents through Kik, giving them insight on the inner workings of the app and hopefully will give them confidence in their ability to advise their children on use of the app.

The blogs are listed to the left in order starting with a detailed introduction to the app.

Photo courtesy of Flicker.

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What About Kik?