Resource Guide

Social Media Guide

Learn how to keep your child safe on social media with these sites’ safety centers.

Check out BeReal’s privacy policy to learn about personal data usage and more.

Find out how to keep your teen safe on Discord by visiting their Safety Center. Here, you will learn about community management, moderation, and how to report problems to Discord.

Visit the Facebook Family Safety Center for information, tools, and safety resources for parents, teens, and teachers.

Visit Instagram’s Safety Center to access their Parent’s Guide and Family Center, and to receive guidance about safety and privacy features.

Find out how to protect your data, privacy, and overall safety on Pinterest’s Health Center.

Check out Roblox’s Safety page to learn about safety features such as how to block and report users as well as how to monitor your child’s Roblox activity.

Check out Snap’s Privacy and Safety center to learn about in-app reporting, find safety resources, and visit the Family Center.

Head over to TikTok’s Safety Center to access their Guardian Guide and their Safety & Privacy controls. TikTok’s Safety Center also includes guides focused on topics like well-being, bullying prevention, avoiding scams, and more.

Tumblr’s Community Guidelines provide an outline about what Tumblr is and is not for – and provide explanations of what to do if you encounter a safety or security risk on the site.

Protect your passwords, encourage critical thinking, understanding how to report a violation, and more. Here's some advice for families starting out on Twitter.

View the rules, resources and learn more about how to stay safe while sharing photos on a Vsco account.