Join a collective of leaders who believe that family online safety is the key to a better Internet.

How will FOSI membership benefit you?

The Family Online Safety Institute is widely acknowledged as the organization of choice for those who are serious about their corporate social responsibilities and believe that family online safety is the key to a better Internet.
Membership of the Family Online Safety Institute will give you access to a wide range of unique events, resources and services. It will also provide you with a seat on the Members Group and a highly-visible presence.

Membership Application Principles and Procedures

Membership in the Family Online Safety Institute is determined through an application process whereby applications from prospective members are reviewed first by FOSI’s Board of Directors and then by FOSI's Members Group. Generally speaking, FOSI membership is comprised of technology, Internet, IoT or telecommunications companies and related trade associations. Individuals and government agencies are not eligible.
To ensure that prospective members are fully supportive of FOSI and have the ability to participate in its work, as part of the application process, applicants are asked to provide a written statement addressing the following topics:
1. That the company or organization endorses the mission of FOSI and
2. That prospective members should be able to demonstrate a record of work in the online safety space or;
3. That a prospective member can demonstrate a willingness to grow in this regard and would like to join FOSI to learn about best practices.
4. Interested potential members should contact FOSI to apply for membership and provide the written statement of principles outlined above. This statement and application will then go to the FOSI Board. If the Board has no objections, then the application goes to the Members Group for approval. If there are any objections, then the application goes to the next quarterly Board Meeting for a full discussion and a vote.

How Much is Membership?

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Corporate (over 100 employees)

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