Digital Resolutions for January

January 26, 2022

January is not yet over and you still have time to start a fresh page of digital parenting tips and strategies for your family. At FOSI, we believe that the digital environment can provide many fantastic opportunities for children, provided that parents and caregivers are supportive of their children in this new type of playing, learning, networking, and connecting.

We have compiled some of our top tips from over the years – especially during the pandemic – to guide parents as we ease back into a ‘living-with-the pandemic’ world and our lives have reached varying stages of normality.

Even though the beginning of the year is a great time to set new resolutions, install boundaries, and begin as you mean to go, you can also choose good habits at any point in time. And we hope this checklist supports your family in January, July, or the end of the year!

Digital Resolutions Checklist – Parents

This year, 2022, I resolve to:

  • Support my family by asking questions about their online activities
  • Put aside downtime for all devices, mine included
  • Engage in active listening (no distractions) when chatting with my family about online opportunities and challenges
  • Read up on safety centers for apps, websites, and gaming platforms
  • Ask my children about their devices and request a demonstration of their favorites

Digital Resolutions Checklist – Children and Young People

This year, 2022, I resolve to:

  • Enjoy the privilege of Internet and devices while respecting my family guidelines
  • Support my parents / caregivers in understanding the online world
  • Chat with my parents / caregivers when I have an issue or get into a difficult situation online
  • Share my online activities and experiences with my family
  • Ensure that my online behavior and activities with social media, online games, or chats are for good

For more support throughout the year, check through our FOSI resources on Digital Parenting.

Written by

Elizabeth Milovidov

Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov is a lawyer from California, a law professor in Paris, France and a Digital Safety Consultant in Europe. Using her European/American focus on Internet, technology and social media issues, she researches solutions to empower parents to guide their children in the digital age.  As Project Consultant, she will bring her experience in digital parenting, wellbeing and safety to FOSI's Good Digital Parenting.

She is the founder of, a website and community with resources and strategies for parents. Currently, she also provides support as an independent consultant for the Council of Europe (Children’s Rights and Education departments), Microsoft (Digital Safety) and e-Enfance (Child online protection). She is an international speaker on digital parenting and safety and her work has been featured in BBC, France 24, WSJ, Internet Matters and other media outlets and organizations focused on child online safety and digital parenting.