Adam Hildreth



Adam Hildreth is the founder of Crisp, a Real-time Risk Intelligence that protects brands, assets and people from reputational damage, security threats and online harms.

Starting his first business at the age of 14, Adam became the youngest ever UK CEO by founding Dubit, a pioneering social media network, which became one of the most popular destinations for UK teenagers. Dubit was one of the earliest companies to implement online safety technology, which inspired his vision for Crisp.

Adam went on to work with the UK government to develop the first online child protection laws in 2005. Since then, Crisp has worked alongside the UK Government and other international bodies to ensure legislation and industry policies keep pace with the evolving online environment. Most recently co-chairing the WEF's Global Coalition for Digital Safety and advising on the development of the Online Safety Bill in the UK.

Adam is a founding member of the Online Industry Safety Association (OSTIA), which brings together leading tech companies committed to making the internet a safer place by elevating the policy standards for the entire industry.