FOSI Response to NTIA Request for Comment on Protecting Kids Online

November 21, 2023

On November 16th, FOSI filed comments with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) in response to a request for comments on protecting kids online. The request seeks to learn more about social media and online platforms' impact on minors, current industry best practices, and ways in which the private sector, caregivers and the US government may counter negative effects.

FOSI defines online safety as acknowledging the risks and mitigating the harms in order to reap the rewards of digital life. Within these comments, we aim to capture the need for a nuanced and evidence-based approach to issues surrounding the risks and benefits of young people being online, best practices for online platforms to increase privacy and safety, where to access trustworthy resources, and the role of government and policymakers. To view FOSI's comments, click here.

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