Online Safety Across the Generations

Working to make the online world safer for kids and their families through enlightened public policy, industry best practice and good digital parenting.

Good Digital Parenting


Ending the Tug-of-War Over Screen Time in the Home

By Patricia E Vance | April 18, 2019

Ever feel like you’re on the losing end of a constant game of tug-of-war with your child over the amount of time he or she wants to spend playing video games, surfing social media, or watching YouTube? It doesn’t have to be that way. 

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DigiLitEY's Smart Parenting

By Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov | April 10, 2019

As an American, based in Europe, I am fortunate enough to see some of the best resources on two continents and I spend a good percentage of my time curating the best content for digital parents no matter where they are located.

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Policy & Research


Online Safety Across the Generations

Technology has the power to bring families together across generations. This year, FOSI explored intergenerational technology use as well as how parents and seniors think about the benefits and challenges technology brings to their families. In this new report, FOSI asked parents about digital role modeling, managing content and screen time, and what resources they rely upon to help navigate their family’s online safety. For the first time, FOSI also looked at how seniors feel about going online, to better understand their concerns, what they may be interested in doing online, and how they rely on their adult children and their grandchildren in order to address with technology issues. Both parents and seniors shared some the steps they take to protect themselves and their families when it comes to the Internet. 


Tech Addiction; Not All Screens Are Created Equal

For many years the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended no screen time for under 2’s. The advice was clear and easy to follow, in theory if not always in practice, parents should avoid giving their toddler a computer. However, technology changed but the guidance took time to update, in the meantime parenting became more complicated. What do you do when grandparents want to FaceTime? or when the toys that a baby has don’t have screen but do connect to the Internet? How does one parent in this new digital environment and what can be done to help?

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Community Solutions to Controversial Content Online

In the second of the series on responses to controversial online content this FOSI Brief examines the ways that the Internet community can respond to online challenges and help create a better Internet for all. The first Brief looked at technical responses and concluded that while technical advancements promise much in the fight against objectionable, but legal content, on their own technical solutions are not enough.

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