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Working to make the online world safer for kids and their families through enlightened public policy, industry best practice and good digital parenting.

Good Digital Parenting


Monitoring your child’s screen time, then and now

By Scott Charlston | Sept. 15, 2017

My millennial children came of age in the early 2000s, before most phones had cameras; when social media meant Myspace—and screens still referred to movie theaters. When providing cell phones to our young teens, we made sure they could call and text and then tried to monitor their activity. 

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Talking to Your Family About Hate Speech Online

By Jennifer Hanley | Aug. 18, 2017

In the aftermath of Charlottesville, my friend expressed concern about how to explain the events to her six-year-old daughter. She mentioned that she was relieved that at such a young age she isn’t online and seeing the hate-filled content that occupies some parts of the web. She asked me where she should begin the conversation. 

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Policy & Research


Technical Solutions to Controversial Content Online

It’s not fake news to say that media reports have devoted much airtime and column inches to stories relating to offensive online content recently.  In fact, over the last 12 month we have witnessed a considerable increase in media reports of online harassment, revenge porn, extremist videos and fake news. 

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Kids & the Connected Home: Privacy in the Age of Connected Dolls, Talking Dinosaurs, and Battling Robots

On December 1st, FOSI and the Future of Privacy Forum released a white paper on " Kids and the Connected Home: Privacy in the Age of Connected Dolls, Talking Dinosaurs, and Battling Robots." The paper explores the landscape of connected toys including how toys connect to platforms and servers and the variety of types of connected toys. 

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Online Harassment: Testing the Limits of Free Speech

Few places on the Internet can claim to be free from harassment. Newspaper websites, social media platforms, online sports forums, gaming sites, and television fan comment boards deal with this problem. All corners of the web are impacted in some way by the scourge of vile and degrading speech aimed at public and private people alike. Eradicating this speech and creating an Internet that can be confidently used by everyone is a challenge that must be confronted by all sectors of society. 

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