Generative AI: Emerging Habits, Hopes and Fears

November 13, 2023

Nothing has expanded more quickly into public consciousness over the past year than generative artificial intelligence (genAI). With the introduction of ChatGPT last autumn came a proliferation of new tools, platforms and features with the potential to change the ways we operate in every facet of daily life. People understand that we're in a pivotal moment of technological evolution - but how do they foresee the future unfolding?

This report surveyed parents and teens across the US, Germany, and Japan with the aim of understanding their awareness, perceptions, and early use of genAI. The implications are many, with substantial impacts to consider on academics and learning, future skills and jobs, parenting challenges, and more. While many express a sense of uncertainty or concern about genAI's advances, there also remains a sense of hopeful caution that we may be able to harness this fast moving tech in a way that serves society as a whole.

This study was conducted by Kantar, with the support of Google.

View presentation slides of the findings by Kantar.

Read the press release, executive summary, and full report.

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