ActiveFence Joins FOSI

March 15, 2021

Washington, D.C. --  Today, ActiveFence will become the newest member of the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI). 

ActiveFence identifies and tracks malicious activities online, providing Trust & Safety and online professionals world-class intelligence, data, and technologies to cultivate a better and safer online world. Their services aim to find bad actors and the content they share, protecting people worldwide from violent extremism, disinformation, child sexual abuse material, fraud, and other harms. 

“No one can benefit from the great opportunities the Internet provides if their digital environment is unsafe,” said Stephen Balkam, FOSI CEO. “We look forward to this partnership with ActiveFence and sharing best practices when it comes to protecting users against the threats that exist online, particularly for children and other vulnerable groups.” 

By merging world-class intelligence analysis with cutting edge AI, ActiveFence is building the world’s largest and most comprehensive cross-platform resource, covering thousands of sources across abuse types in over 20 languages. ActiveFence supports online safety teams and security professionals at some of the world’s largest technology companies, brands, and government agencies. 

“We often see that bad actor tactics are similar across threat categories - whether we are working to combat child predators, violent extremism, or disinformation. Given our deep domain expertise in all of these areas, we are eager to contribute to the family safety conversation as part of FOSI,” said Nitzan Tamari, ActiveFence CMO. “We are looking forward to working together toward our shared mission of enabling a safer online world.”

About FOSI 

The Family Online Safety Institute is an international, non-profit organization that works to make the online world safer for kids and their families. FOSI convenes leaders in industry, government and the non-profit sectors to collaborate and innovate new solutions and policies in the field of online safety. Through research, resources, events and special projects, FOSI promotes a culture of responsibility online and encourages a sense of digital citizenship for all. FOSI's membership includes many of the leading Internet and telecommunications companies around the world.

About ActiveFence

ActiveFence is the leader in online integrity, empowering Trust & Safety and other abuse prevention professionals through proactive detection of malicious activities on the internet, at scale. Merging AI-powered technologies with world-class data and intelligence, ActiveFence protects billions of people worldwide from violent extremism, disinformation, child predators, fraud, and other harms on the internet. Covering millions of malicious data sources in dozens of languages across platforms, ActiveFence supports some of the world’s largest technology companies as they work towards a better and safer online world.