Facebook Changes Procedures on Posting of Violent, Disturbing Images

October 21, 2013

"The Family Online Safety Institute is encouraged by the changes that Facebook announced today to the posting of graphic or disturbing material. In order to protect young people in particular, it is imperative that Facebook - and all other social media sites - have in place a review process for this type of material and provide warnings where appropriate."

“That process must address the balance between the public’s right to know and objectionable content, which is often a difficult balance to achieve. The company’s announcement today indicates that it is enhancing its existing review process and putting into place certain new procedures for this type of material.”

“At a minimum, if this type of material is to be allowed, it must be in the public interest. Also, it should be posted with warning labels to alert users to the nature of the content. Finally, it should be in the context of raising public awareness in order to put an end to the depicted violence.”

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