FOSI Welcomes Snap Inc. to Membership

December 18, 2017

Washington, D.C. -- Today, the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) welcomes Snap Inc. as its newest member. As the nation's leading organization dedicated to educating parents, companies, children, educators and policymakers about Internet issues, FOSI is eager to tackle online safety with Snap Inc., parent company of Snapchat, which is particularly popular among young people.

“As the facilitator of a primary form of communication for many teens, Snap Inc. holds a unique place in the online safety space,” said FOSI’s CEO, Stephen Balkam. “We look forward to working with them on this great opportunity to embrace the policies and best practices that will ensure a safe, positive social media experience.”

Snap Inc.’s mission is centered around building products to “empower people to express themselves, live in the moment, learn about the world, and have fun together.” The company’s Community Guidelines for Snapchat emphasize that their goal is to accommodate the broadest range of self-expression, while balancing the need for Snapchatters to use the service enjoyably. This is a timely challenge in the world of digital media platforms, as companies continue to explore the balance between free speech and safety.

“We want to do everything we can to make sure that Snapchat is a friendly and safe environment for all members of our community,” said Jennifer Stout, Snap Inc.’s Global Head of Public Policy. “Snapchat focuses on communicating with your closest friends and accessing informative and entertaining content from trusted and credible media companies. We’re thrilled to be partnering with FOSI to build on our efforts to give young people the power to engage creatively, positively, and safely.”

Stout will represent Snap Inc. on the FOSI Members Group.

In recent years, Snap Inc. has made efforts to proactively strengthen Snapchat’s approach to safety by creating a comprehensive Safety Center and convening a Safety Advisory Board of top experts and online safety NGOs. The Safety Center features guidance for parents and teachers, and information on harassment and cyberbullying.

Snapchat takes its commitment to prioritizing users’ privacy and safety seriously – and has built these values into its design. A simple set of functions is available to report a safety concern or help fellow Snapchatters. The company also asserts a renewed commitment to privacy, stating that while the platform itself may continue to evolve, users can remain confident of robust privacy protections.