The Family Online Safety Institute Welcomes k-ID to Membership

May 13, 2024

May 13, 2024, Washington, D.C. -- Today, the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) announces that k-ID will become its newest member company. k-ID’s mission is to give kids and teens age-appropriate, safer experiences online. Built by industry experts in online safety, privacy, and gaming, the groundbreaking platform makes it easier than ever for any player, any age, anywhere in the world to have a tailored and safer experience. 

“k-ID’s commitment to safety and privacy underscores the values that drive our work at FOSI,” said Stephen Balkam, FOSI CEO. “Their innovative solutions for age-appropriate game experiences reflect a deep understanding of the evolving digital landscape.”

Starting with video games, k-ID has developed a multi-faceted platform that addresses the different needs of kids, parents, and developers. k-ID has a family-focused digital companion that simplifies the sign-on experience, ensuring access to safe, appropriate experiences that adapt and grow as the players mature. The easy-to-use platform encourages parents to meaningfully engage in their kids and teens’ online experiences while also empowering those players to participate in activities and communities that interest them.

For developers, k-ID makes keeping up and complying with ever-changing regulations easy with automatic updates, helping protect publishers and developers against regulatory sanctions, reputational risk, and business-critical consequences. With k-ID’s compliance engine, it has made it easier for developers to comply with complex regulations across 200-plus markets worldwide.

“k-ID is the first to deliver an industry-wide, cross-platform solution that is cost-effective for developers and simple for players and parents,” said Kieran Donovan, CEO and co-founder of k-ID. “Together with FOSI and its members, we are thrilled to help lead a global conversation on the ever-evolving digital world and new technologies to ensure our kids and teens have the best and right-fit online experiences while keeping them safe.”

About FOSI 

The Family Online Safety Institute is an international, non-profit organization that works to make the online world safer for kids and their families. FOSI convenes leaders in industry, government and the non-profit sectors to collaborate and innovate new solutions and policies in the field of online safety. Through research, resources, events and special projects, FOSI promotes a culture of responsibility online and encourages a sense of digital citizenship for all. FOSI's membership includes many of the leading Internet and telecommunications companies around the world.

About k-ID

k-ID is a suite of tools transforming the way kids and teens access age-appropriate game experiences and helping developers comply with complex global regulations. Founded by internationally recognized experts and leaders in online safety, privacy and gaming, k-ID also leverages insights from current and former regulators, to maintain the world’s most dynamic youth compliance platform for game developers. k-ID allows kids and teens to access enriching, age-appropriate experiences while providing parents peace of mind.