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Dec. 11, 2014
Statement of Family Online Safety Institute on #WePROTECT Summit

The Family Online Safety Institute was pleased to take part in this week’s #WePROTECT Children Online summit to tackle online child exploitation, hosted by the UK government.

FOSI supports the multi-stakeholder approach being pursued by bringing together governments, charities, law enforcement and leaders in industry to work together in developing effective initiatives to combat this problem. 

FOSI looks forward to the progress of solutions raised during the Summit, and the maintenance of a stringent focus on the specific issues surrounding online child sexual exploitation, without the conflation of other adjacent debates. 

As an international charity with over 30 industry members, FOSI appreciates the global approach being taken by Prime Minister David Cameron, and firmly encourages efforts that will abolish the abhorrent practice of creating and sharing online child abuse material, a heinous crime with lasting effects on its victims.

Most importantly, FOSI looks forward to the development of technologically feasible solutions in this area that are vital to the eradication of CSE content. 

For further inquiries or comment, please contact fosi@fosi.org.

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