Sept. 26, 2007 | Madrid, Spain
Madrid Workshop and Roundtable Event
Interactive Generations: Growing up in a Virtual World



Sept. 26, 2007


Telefonica, Madrid, Spain

Telefónica and the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI) held a series of educational-training workshops: "Interactive Generations: Growing up in a virtual world". International representatives of several NGOs, government and industry shared their views on the impact of new technologies on the lives of children and their families. The workshops, inaugurated by the Madrid Children's Rights Ombudsman, Arturo Canalda, celebrated Telefónica's becoming a member of FOSI. Some of the leading technological companies, NGOs and opinion makers belong to FOSI, which works to ensure the industry is self-regulated in a responsible manner and to identify, promote and inform the industry, parents and educators alike about the most innovative tools for achieving a responsible use of new technology. This event confirms Telefónica's commitment with society's most vulnerable sectors, especially children.

Photo courtesy of Flickr Commons