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Good Digital Parenting Resources

The Family Online Safety Institute's Good Digital Parenting resources provide parents and caregivers with the tools they need to confidently navigate the online world with their families. View and download our newest materials below.

The 7 Steps to Good Digital Parenting provides parents with seven simple yet challenging ways to become a good digital role model. Each step provides three pieces of advice that parents can use to introduce online safety to their family.

It can be tough managing a family that is on different pages when it comes to online safety. Bring together parents and children by incorporating a collaborative Family Online Safety Agreement in your household, choosing the best rules for your family.

It is important to have check-ins with your child about their social media use but it can be hard knowing where to start. The Digital Reputation Checklist provides six steps for guiding your child to a healthier digital reputation.

Online safety is not a one-time conversation. If you need help knowing when to talk to your kids about being online, use these Three Teachable Moments when giving your child their first device or phone, or at their thirteenth birthday.

It is useful to discuss your expectations for online safety with your child when you purchase a new device for them. The next time a new tablet, phone, gaming system, or wearable device enters your home, complete the customizable safety suggestions on the Device Online Safety Cards.

Want to have a conversation about online safety with your kids but not sure where to start? Use this guide to establish expectations and get to know where your kids stand on this topic.

Cyberbullying is a sensitive matter and difficult to understand for all parties involved. Understanding Cyberbullying guides parents through the steps in recognizing it as well as suggests actions to combat cyberbullying.

“How much screen time is appropriate for my children?” is a popular question these days, but has many different answers. The best fit for your family depends on the ages and needs of the children in your household. Managing Screen Time provides suggestions on how to accomplish a screen time balance.

Children can play video games at home or on the go, which makes it difficult to manage their favorite hobby. Unlocking Video Games provides parents with the tools needed to learn more about gaming and understand why their children love playing games.

Your teen will reach milestones throughout their life such as turning thirteen, passing their driver's test, and graduating from high school. Pair those moments with a technology chat and re-solidify your family's online safety plan.

The most popular form of social media for teenagers might surprise you. Use that knowledge to encourage your child to use the Golden Rule while online, and to explore the online world thoughtfully and consciously.